How To Sell Old Gold In Coimbatore

A minimum of 1% service is charged and 1% purchase tax is levied while selling the gold. If more having any queries or enquiries you may visit our mail address or have a chat with us. Hope you understand our procedure and we warmly welcomes your arrival to the DD Gold Cash of Gold Buyers in Chennai.

Process of Gold Selling in Chennai

How To Sell Old Gold In Coimbatore? If this is your question, then you can end up at here with DD gold. We are the top gold buyers to seel gold in Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Erode, Tirupur and Salem to get market price for your jewellery. DD Gold Cash is the 100% right destination to sell the gold ornaments for money and we do the service for the past 5 years with more involved in the business of selling the gold. This company reached a new high reputation firms with guarantee of providing the best price for the gold jewels. The entire process of selling the gold has been made easy with minimum documentation of transparent procedure. The process is so simple that the customers are required to visit the gold evaluated free of cost. But you are no way in entitling to sell the gold before the evaluation of the purity of the gold jewel. While visiting our DD Gold Cash Buyers in Chennai,

Follow the steps and view the process of selling the gold such as:

  • Have your Id proof which includes your photo as well as the original and permanent address. 
  • Checking the purity of gold with the help of German Technology Machine. 
  • Weight of the gold is measured accurately in front of the customer.
  • Once the weight and purity of the gold is ascertained, the price will be estimated.
  • If our customer feels good with our price then they sell their gold immediately and pay money instantly. 
  • Cheque or online transactions are based on the customer’s desires. 
  • The documentation is again verified before selling the gold. 
  • Once they are verified, you get your cash for the gold.
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